October 29, 2011

Karut lagi mencarut

Agak lama tiada mencoret sebarang coretan di blog ini.
Kurang imaginasi dan idea.
atau mungkin kerana ku tahu aku tidak lg gemar untuk menaip.
untuk menulis coretan-coretan yang hanya omong kosong.

haih..i loveto blog when either i'm so happy or either i'm so sad or super stress.. susah la..lagi2 berada di bumi org yg kau xtau ape sbenanyer yg ptt kau lakukan..alangkah indahnyer kalau skrg nie aku kt either Ipoh or Setiawangsa which I know i'm only one drive away from everyone..blh ke subang or s.alam or kemane2 jela yg ade tmpt utk mengadu..bkn xde tmpt mgadu atau kwn2 disini..tp..ade bende yg susah nk di ceritakan kpd mereka yg tdk tahu pucuk pangkal cerita ini..atau lebih tepat, mereka yg xkenal elly yg dl...elly yg byk mnyusahkan dan juga mnyakitkan dl...

sbenanyer aku sndiri xpasti ade ke org yg mnbaca carutan dan karutanku ini..dah la merepek..xber-ilmiah lansung...bahasa lintang pukang lak tue...huhuhu...

so what had happen till today...nothing much la..selain class, rumah port and internet yg br masuk..aku xrase aku ade coretan menarik utk di kongsi..tp yg pasti..aku rindu hujan batu di negeri ku...rindu...

October 24, 2011


so last week we went to a cathedral in Gloucester cz they say that the cathedral was used for HP filming..and the best thing is that we didnt find any notice board or anything saying bout HP..hahah...but the cathedral was so beautiful..mmg cantik la..ade la nmpk sikit2 mcm dlm HP...so kire ok la..the view was nice especially from the tower...sumpah cantik...we can actually see almost all part of Gloucester from up there..seriously nice..severals photo..credit to Is as die yg bwk dslr and rajin melayan the girls nk begamba..heee...

so...life kat sini da ok...but bfre nie pn ok je...huhuhu....


It has been quite some time since I last post a blog. Usually at least once a week. Will try to make a full update tmrw bout this week actvty. See ya!

October 22, 2011


Satu kesalahan, seribu kemungkinan.

Semakin semak, semakin jauh.

Hati gundah.

October 14, 2011


akhirnya berkesudahan jugak drama 'nuked' blackberry ku dan juga the network failure...nasib baik sume dpt settle..alhamdulillah..sayang..mummy janji xkn marah kalau ade network failure lg k..hopefully xdela lg.. 3 hari tanpa BIS mmg sgt mnyusahkan....sume bende pn xblh buat....n akibat dr aku duk restart phone berjuta2 kali..hp pn mngeluarkan error bernama JVM Error 517..so..kepada sesiapa yg ter-encounter that kinda error blh la refer link nie :


cuma mungkin kene sabar sikit...n jgn lupe delete vendor kt apploader tue..n ikut btl2 instruction die...mmg blh jadi but just memerlukan kesabaran..n satu lg lesson to be learn ialah jgn lupa backup phone...please back-up...hahaha..i've learn from my mistake..

and please RIM...please la jgn ade network failure lg..menurut RIM sume da ok...hopefully...

i love u 9900..main2 je mase ckp pasal 4s tue...i dun mean it..

October 13, 2011

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perfect timing I can say.. the network failure around europe is just perfect for me.. gile lah! never in my bb life rase mcm i dun need to carry my phone anywhere.. n yes! i life feel so sucks! thanks to me.. i also 'Nuked' my beloved bb..bengang pasal network failure buat aku rs mcm nk duk restart je phone n end up phone sendiri corrupted.. lesson to be learned elly!
and now i'm currently trying to re-install or reload my os..please say that this will work..i need my bb so much and i dun wanna sent my phone to any stores..i dun believe them accept for popmyberry...n i do believe that i'll be losing all my phone num n i guess everythg inside my bb but i dun care..i just need my phone bak..eventho i actually do need eveythg but at this stage all i really care is my phone to be back to normal..everyone can give me their phone num back..n all the pics are in my mmc..maybe just some notes and bbm? urgh!! i didnt backup this phone..never! but mcm mane nk guna that blackberry protect ea?? hurmmm...i need arif salleh at this point...nt la..bg reload os dl than we can figure things out from thre..yg penting is for my os to reload first! pls la blh dwload as sygku...i really need u!

October 10, 2011

12 months of love.

I never thought I can have it all. But I guess I'm the luckiest person, the luckiest gf. I don't only have such a great lover, but also the greatest bestfriend. U are the best shopping partner, the greatest listener, the one I can turn too no matter what. We can go through all this syg. The only thing that can stop us is ourself. I believe we can survive. I hope u believe in the same thing too syg. I love u more than ever. I really wish I can be there to celebrate our first anniversary. I love u so much RS. Miss u my munchies.

We come all the way from friend to lover. I still remember how hard it is for u to ask me out back then, even just to accompany to buy some food. Still remember how nervous and excited I am to finally meet u even though I’m the one who always rejected all your invitation. I miss all those great moments together. How we always have our quick date. How either one of us will try to find any excuse to be together. Miss all those lil moments that we spend together, our quick date, eating in front of 7E, movie marathon, everything! Really hope we can re-create our moments together. Remind our self why we fall in love in the first place.
Still fresh in my memories how embarrassed I am when I realize that I snore in ur car that night. Hahaha. That was so embarrassing! But what I remembered the most is the night when we spend our time together to walk along the beach. We talk and talk about almost everything. Just wish i can have one more chance to do it again, with u by my side of course. Wish I can write all of our greatest moments here. But I can’t! I’m already crying while typing this post. I miss u like hell my man!
This post is about the memories and the remembrance of them. I just want u to know that I cherish each and every moments that we had together. All the lil arguments. All the crappy talk. All of them. I just miss u sayang. Gonna say this again and again but I do feel like the luckiest person or gf I should say. To have u by my side all these days were just amazing. Sorry I can’t be there by ur side today. To celebrate our first anniversary. But u know how much I want to be there right? But this sacrifices that I made is not only for me, but for the both of us. For u and for me.

*sape xsuka jgn baca. xsuruh bc pn*

October 8, 2011


Mungkin aku dah kene cr tmpt meluahkan perasaan lain. Twitter sudah mula rasa sempit.

Will update more detail tomorrow. *kisshug*