November 6, 2010

Bad Joke ELLY!

i need to keep my mouth shut or think more carefully and a bit detail before i spill out things that im about to say... or i will end up making a bad joke... ur sucks elly!

so many things happen in my life recently so 1 by 1 k!

1. it is final season people! sgt tense ok...everyday i can feel the tense in the air! OMG! dah la final sgt nk kn result yg sgt study la mcm org gila..but end up final still hampeh! so bttr study biase2 3 papers down and 2 more to go! so audit and accounting system<>

2. im so on gossip girl fever! haha...every monday night i'll be like so superly excited to download new episode.. and every thursday or friday i'll be like youtube-ing to search for the preview for next episode.. so on next episode...chuck will be f**king handsome! cute! all compliment will go to chuck! u go boy/man!!!

3. ok! im on the love planet.. yes i know where this love signs origin from but i dunno why do i feel so...flying! yup! totally in love and my every second is devoted to him! but i have to keep myself in fantasy elly! (quoted from him) and the upmost important thing now is to keep myself if not..i'll be bugging him with my 'mengada' n sarcastic act.. pity him have to layan this so calld little girl! hihi... but i always end up hurting.. i really REALLY dont meant what ive said earlier but i cant take back my stupid words right?? all i can say now is sorry... and im not proud of is not something to be proud of.. im never proud for who i am..

4. im on speed date! (or quick date?) every single day without miss! unless he has somethings up or he has a paper tmrw, we will be having our so call speed date..nie sume jd bile die melyn perangai aku yg nk jumpe everyday even for 5mins! hihi..thx syg.. and bjy and bhr has really help us for this..hihihi..

5. so many plans ahead! i have my endau rompin trip, my siblings reception, my agrotek trip with BR, and last but not least the event that me n my hsemate has been waiting for, our BALI trip! cant wait for all trip! yeay! pokai pokai!!!! hahaha..

ps: not everybody know who is him and i like to keep it this way.. for now at least... Love u RS!