May 24, 2010

FRIEND.. to love or to hate?

hey there....
sometime we cant satisfied every each details of what our heart screams rite...
we also cant satisfied others too...
before we even start to point our lil fingers to other..
it is better for us to check ourself first..what went wrong??
hello...i cant be torn into 2 ok??
maybe i dont have enough time to satisfied every single details that u want me too...
kadang2 kn...aku pelik..nape ko xleh nk call aku...then ko expect aku call ko..ajak ko kuar n everythg...
ape slhnyer kalau ko call or msg aku dl?? ape slh aku dah wt kt ko yg smpai ko dah xblh nk call aku?
then ko expect aku sanjung ko abeh tinggi sgt..g jumpe ko slalu..mcm tue?? hello!! fb ade..ko xpenah lk nk PM aku kt fb ke ape kn??
then ko blh ckp ape..aku lupekn ko la..aku xigt kwn la..wud is that..
wud hv u done lately mcm kite nie br kenal for few weeks je kn..we hv knwn each other for years la!


seriously i cant satisfied evryone..aku ade gak kwn2 lain..aku ade gak family...
bg la aku ruang n mase utk aku separate kn ms aku utk sume org..
and plz dun put up all the statement without even thinking bout the consequences..

May 20, 2010

bali bali bali

instead of cracking my head over hotel that i should book for our bali trip..urgh..wanna plan the best trip for the gurls...since this gonna be our last vacation anyone that heve been to bali..plz let me know the best and cheapest hotel in bali..near the beach..and also safe..since we are all girls!

May 6, 2010

2nd last day..

dgn happy nyer tdy is the 2nd last day aku akn 'menginap' di shah alam nie...sigh...that is the relieve sigh actually...dah boring kot keje kt client yg glad that i've been assigned to go for another job...huhhu...

and the best part for tdy...i found several pic that made me jus wnna kill someone...u r so a dead meat by now...urgh!

May 5, 2010


kalau dah i cant contact u thru FB, call or msg...
aku nk contact ko cmne lg???
i dun hv time to meet social networking jela yg senang..
tp kalau da itu pn susa???
so mcm mane???!!

May 4, 2010


hatiku sekeras batu.

egoku sebesar lautan

conclusion =menangis sendirian


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May 3, 2010


.....just go.....

owh...from now on..all updates will be blog..
no longer in FB hasbeen shutdown...temporarily i guess...da~

once in a blue moon!

it has been so long since i updated my blog...dah lupe pn actually that i have a blog.. i can't blog since i know all my moves has been watched.. i dont blame all the people that has been reporting all can i call 'semak' about my blog bkn private is meant for public is wud my heart screaming pn...

nyway all this while..i have been doin a lot of thgs actually..ape yg akn dicerita kn ini xikut sequence pn..main type je yg mane igt....

1. Karoke(celebrating zurry's bday!) click here to watch the pic!

2. Hot air balloon! (Gamba2!)

4. And lots and LOTS of wedding!

besides all the events... i have been asked to makeup my mind about first i was the one who is superly eager to stdy thre... but after thought of goin there have changed...not that i dun wanna go...but i want to stay is for REAL...running away from all this thingy is just gonna make me feel better...kawen jela ngn mat salleh kn...abeh cite...weeee...!!!!

gonna be updating this blog again..LATER!