December 30, 2008


im so dem lazy to update.. i dunno why... but now im back in segamat.. back to my study life..haih... ok la kot... ntah la.. last sem result was kinda ok la... selamat la lepas semua.. hahaha....
this semester saya kene duduk di rumah sewa since all of the degree student mmg xkn dpt bilik.. if dpt pn we will have to wait after the 2nd intake stdnt which is the rayuan student masuk... diorg tkt nt xcukup pulak college utk bdk2 dip yg rayuan tue... huhu.. whatever la uitm... aku dah selamat pn dekat umah sewa nie... since me myself xbwk kete... so i have to take a bus from here to go to class.. haiha... xde la susah sgt... jus kena bgn sedikit awl cz bus tue ade time2 die.. n time die sgt la awl... so sucks.. but that is my main transportation for now.. at least until my bro hand me back my sis's car that i have been using during my diploma..hopefully die akn bg la kan.. haih.. susah sikit la xde kete...
but enough of that...

tag by nani

>Start time :

>Name :
suhaili hadi

>Sisters :
2 sisters

>Brothers :
2 brothers

>Shoe size :
6 or 7
>Height :
i cant remember la... maybe 15..

>Where do you live :

>Have you ever been on a plane :

>Swam in the ocean :
no really swim la...xtau berenang kot...

>Fallen asleep at school :
sape yg xpenah..!!

>Broken someone’s heart :


>Fell off your chair:


>Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call :

maybe yes... but i cant seem to remember la..

>Saved e-mails :

YES..!!! hahaha

>What is your room like :

everything is two... since 1bilik with my sis...

>What’s right beside you :

>What is the last thing u ate:
nasi + kari ayam + sayur + telur dadar

>Chicken pox :
4 years old kot...

>Sore throat :
byk kali... hikhik...

>Stitches :
yup... 8 of them...

>Broken nose :

>Do you Believe in love at first sight :

>Like picnics :
sangat kot.. hahaha...

>Who was/were…The last person you danced with :
erm... i think dayang n sleazy...cant remember..

>Last made you smile :
kt class td.. hahaha..

>You last yelled at :

>Today did you…Smile to someone you like :
yes.. i smile to my phone... haha.. bc msg kn..

>Kissed anyone :

>Get sick :

>Talk to an ex :
no... dah xcontact pn...

>Miss someone :
yup.. wlpn br je jumpe...

>Who do you really hate :
no one... haha... maybe someone la kot...

>Do you like your hand-writing :
ntah la...

>Are your toe nails painted :

>Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in :

>What color shirt are you wearing now :

>Are you a friendly person :
better ask my friends..

>Do you have any pets :
my ikan just died... *sob sob*

>Do you sleep with the TV on :

>What are you doing right now :
blogging la..

>Are you closer to your mother or father :

>Do you eat healthy :
i think no..

>Do you still have pictures of you and your ex :

>If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to :
no one...

>Are you loud or quiet most of the time :

>Are you confident :
sometime maybe..

>5 things I was doing 6 years ago :
1.ponteng sekolah n g lepak kt sungai...
3.lepak mamak sampai pagi..
4.bertumbuk dgn abg tersyg..
5.berkerja di TIMBERLAND.. hahaha...

>5 things I would do if i were a billionaire : a murano for myself... hahaha..
2.pegi blaja kt ireland.. haih...
3.buat rumah utk mama...
4. open my own acctng firm..
5. bought everyone a present...!!

>5 of my bad habits :
2.shoppng shopping shopping..!!
4.on9 24/7
5.kedekut dgn org lain..

>5 places I’ve lived/living :
2.Kuala Lumpur
3.Negeri Sembilan
5.Sri Iskandar

>people I tag :

December 15, 2008

tag by aish(lmbt sket)

1.Sertakan tiga keping gambar kamu yang kamu rasa paling seksi.
2.Tak semestinya tak berpakaian atau mendedahkan, mungkin kamu rasa senyuman anda masa itu adalah seksi, sertakan!
3.Nyatakan kenapa gambar itu begitu seksi di mata kamu?
4.Tag 5 orang yang seksi.
5.Selamat menyeksikan diri!

saya seksi dalam gamba nie sbb saya berada di tepi pantai...hihihi...
saya seksi dalam gamba ini sbb rambut sya yg kembang dan curly.. i miss my curly hair..!!!saya seksi dalam gamba ini sbb... sy rase plg seksi bile berada bersama si dia... hahaha..

saya akan tag :
1. Dayang
2. Nani

3. Seri
4. Shazill @ Cika
5. Humaira

December 11, 2008

such a long entry

WARNING...this is a long and full of picture entry...

there is so much to tell and i have all nite long to type this entry... since my bffy have fall asleep.. hehehe.. where to start.... ok here.. i will start from the say he got back...

he arrive around 730pm and straight to my house without going back to his house first.. hikhik... he did lie to his mum a bit la.. hikhik... saya sudah buat die tipu mak die...!!!! after he fetch me... we went to tesco cz we need to buy some stuff for our picnic that is on Sunday.. and hahaha.. the picnic plan was suppose to be on Saturday.. but i change the plan to Sunday just for u la... hahaha.. selamat la all of my friends ok with it.. hikhik... back to tesco.. so we buy some fruits and crackers.... the we went to drive-thru Mcd cz im craving for the ice cream.. hehehe.. machine ice cream yg kt Medan Gopeng rosak... hahaha.. terpaksa la pegi Mcd yg dkt tesco tue... anyway.. TQ bffy....after that he sent me home but the sad thing is that he went to the Fun Fair with his siblings... i tot u nk tnggu i la.. hukhuk.. but takpe.. heeee....

woke up around 645am cz me n my friends will go for a picnic today.. walaupn hanya kami berlima sahaja.. tetapi picnic tetap akn diadakan...huhuh.... give a wake up call to him... then mandi2.. and wait for him to come... after that we went straight to Isma's house to fetch him... but malangnye.. Isma br nk mandi la.. haih... so we went to buy some kuih first.. hahaha... after taht we went back to Isma's house to fetch him.. selamat la die dah siap.. hahaha.. next is to fetch Diyana.. after that is Cika... afetr fetching everyone... we went to TMN DR.. i dunno the real name but that is the name that all Ipoh-ians know la kan...after some eating-eating... we decided to do some photo shoot at the area.. and u guys just wont believe that Ipoh will have such a fantastic view.. jangan igt Ipoh cabuk k... here are some pic...

and after that we have to left cz my dad is coming.. haih.. sebenanyer byk lagi tmpt2 menarik yg kitorg nk shoot.. but... takpela kan..hukhuk... after seeing my dad.. i ask them where to go.. and a bright idea came... heee.. we went to Kellie's Castle.... and continue our shooting.. hahahaha.... and more pic pic pic...

its Aidiladha.. and me and my family went to my aunt's house in Tmn Cempaka to celebrate it... cz we have decided that we weill not go back to kampung this Aidiladha.. and last nite my bro made a suprise to my mum.. die blk la.. ape lg.. hahaha.. he didnt told my mum that he will be going back... hahaha.. i know that my mum is so happy.. hikhik... and here is the pic of our own Aidiladha...

and that nite..hehehe.. die telah membawa daku ke FUN FAir.. hahaha.. mcm budak2... and kami tlh pulang dgn peningnyer... kerana kami telah menaiki ride2 yg agak memeningkn.. hahahaha...

hari ini adalah hari yang agak menyedihkan...kerana die akan PULANG...waaaa....!!!!! takpela....biar jauh dimata..namun dekat dihati...hukhuk... but.. before he went back to KL.. saya tlh mendpt hadiah dari... unexpected people... it is from his parents.. it is my convocation gift...weee....

December 4, 2008

cinta dalam hati - ungu

Mungkin ini memang jalan takdirku
Mengagumi tanpa dicintai
Tak mengapa bagiku asal kau pun bahagia
Dengan hidupmu, dalam hidupmu
Telah lama ku pendam perasaan itu
Menunggu hatimu menyambut diriku
Tak mengapa bagiku cintaimu pun adalah
Bahagia untukku, bahagia untukku
Ku ingin kau tahu diriku di sini menanti dirimu
Meski ku tunggu hingga hujung waktuku
Dan berharap rasa ini kan abadi untuk selamanya
Dan izinkan aku memeluk dirimu kali ini saja
Tuk ucapkan selamat tinggal untuk selamanya
Dan biarkan rasa ini bahagia untuk sekejap saja

December 2, 2008

convocation presents...

this entry is a show off entry...hikhik... and to show some appreciation to all the gifts and flowers...

and..... introducing BUDAK KECIK....!!!! my newest teddy....

gamba yg 2nd tue nk menunjukkn bahawasanya... die sgt la same dgn uden... hikhik... chumel kan... hikhik... tq abiiboo.... kepada aish.. jg jeles ek...hikhik...


Picture Picture Picture...!!!!

November 25, 2008

i have been tag for the 1st time...

1. What is your name?
Suhaili Binti Ahmad Hadiatullah Maknun

2. How old are you?
20 years old

3. What are the 3 electronics you can't live without?
my PC - handphone - my camera(but dah hilang)

4. Are you amazing?
i dont think so...

5. What is the brand of the phone you are using?
Sony Ericsson

6. What color is your phone?
black and red

7. Have you slept in school before?
of course yes....

8. How long are you online in a day?
till there is nothing to do..

9. How would you describe yourself?
Emotional, talkative , not a girl another girl wanna be friends with...

10. What's your favourite topic to talk about?
everything la kot.... hahaha...

11. Which teacher do you like?
if now... maybe Pn Azizah... my quantitative lec....

12. Who do you think is the most handsomest in your class?
no one....hahaha....sorry guys...

13. Who are you currently aiming on? hikhik....

14. Do you know a lot of your siblings' secret?

15. How do you rate your siblings?
they can't be rated la... they are the best....

16. Are your siblings gorgeous?
hahahah... we look mesti la....

17. Do you judge people?

18. Do you run?
for now... dkt gym je la...

19. Are you lazy to tag people?
no... but no one tag me... :(

20. Who was the last person you spoke on the phone?
the guy from the optical store...

21. What is 2 + 2?

22. Who is your idol?
my dearest mummy.....

23. Are you a monster?
hahaha.... i dunno... ask my friends...

24. Do you play with Barbie dolls?
yes...but mase kecik la..

25. What was the last movie you watched?
to be honest.... i dun remember...hahahaha....Segamat xde movie kot....

26. What do you think of your English?
blh thn je...

27. What do you think about your Bahasa Malaysia?
mesti la terbaek...!! hahaha

28. Who do you hate?
some girls.....

29. Do you love yourself?
every single moment.. 

30. Blurt out 5 random words

my daily activity....

since i got back from Segamat.. my daily routine is just the same things everyday... hahaha... BORED....!!!!!!!!!

i will wake up around 8 to text 'MORNING SUNSHINE' to my dearest abiiboo .... then i will go to back to my dream till around 930 o 1000.... take my shower... turun bawah minum... konon mcm sarapan la.. hahaha... watching TV... online... TV blk... online blk... hahaha... ptg at around 715... pegi gym... and yes my dear blog reader... i pegi gym.... at least i have something to do..!!!! i will run around 20 mins.. cycle for 20 mis... or maybe go for the cycling training that will make me sweat like hell... cycling training tue is when the instructor will ask us to cycle sambil aerobic for an hour k...!!! can u guys just imagine that... but when u have done it ... okla... hahaha... but still uu will sweat like hell la... and guys.. tomorrow they will start a new class... KICK BOXING class... im so den excited... haha.. my mum too... she always wanted to be like Haliza Misbun n Umie Aida... hahaha.. mama sy terpengaruh dgn gaya hidup artis...hikhik... but actually i am excited too... but tak nak la tnjuk sgt kan.. hekhek...

i will be in KL by Wednesday... hope that i can meet all of my Perak's friends.. really miss them a lot... but i di miss him a lot too.... hikhik... really looking forward to see u la abiiboo.... hekhek...

November 22, 2008

miss you like crazy....

I used to call you my girl
I used to call you my friend
I used to call you the love
The love that I never had

When I think of you
I don’t know what to do

When will I see you again

I miss you like crazy
Even more than words can say

I miss you like crazy
Every minute of every day
Girl I’m so down
When your love’s not around

I miss you, miss you, miss you
I miss you like crazy

You are all that I want
You’re all that I need

Can’t you see how I feel
Can’t you see that my pain’s so real

November 19, 2008


hey last im home already.. feels great to be at home.. haih... jus a bit tired dats all... about the journey from Segamat to Ipoh yesterday... my mum pick me up at UiTM around 12 o'clock.. we went for lunch first... after that we went to my house... which was my rumah sewa to put some of my stuff there..and that was the 1st time my mum take a look at my house.. and she was.. ok laa... hahaha.. im expecting that already... and we went back to Ledang cz my mum said that there was an ATV ride there.. i was so xcited and i took a ride.. the price was ok la RM15 for 6laps... and i also ask my sis to took several of my pic.. hahaha.. nk tayang la kt sume org kn... but she was too busy taking adik's pic so.... ade 2 je gamba saya.. haha.. ok la tue.. atleast ade gak la kan.. hahaha... here is the ATV ride pic...
hahaha.. gamba yg sgt la chomot... haih...

today i went out with my mum sis n adik.. adik is my cousin a.k.a anak kesygn mama... hahaha... we went out to pay bills, lunch, send my cousin's phone and lastly we went to Greentown Mall..r. my mum want us to take a look first at this table that wanted to buy but dunno when la.. it was a table with a aquarium.. haih... it was RM1988 kot.. my mum can buy my new wardrobe kot... when i ask her for a new wardrobe.. she said 'beli sendiri la...' haih.. marah la pulakkn.. haha... xpe2... wardrobe yg ade nie pn masih cukup utk menampung bajuku yg bnyk itu.. and... surprisingly... the same shop also is a pet shop... actually bkn kedai perabot pn.. mmg pet shop pn.. kira meja yg dijual tue mcm die jual aquarium la.. haha.. and i saw this 1 rack full of 'ikan laga' .. haih.. they were so cute... and my mum ask me whether i want them n i say YES!.. haha.. laju je ckp ye.. but actually i always wanted to buy a new birds... i miss my birds.. i will try to buy them before going back to Segamat for the new semester...and here is there pic of my newest pet.. but i still havent got a name for it yet.. but i will.. haha..
p/s: for you... im really SORRY cz of what had happen this 2 days.. i promiz that i will never ever ignore u like that... promiz...

November 13, 2008


i have my Arabic language test tmrw... n im so not ready to take the test.. this is because i know the chances that im going to fail that paper is so high... haih.. can u guys just imagine.. my carry mark for that paper is just 15 out of 40 marks... n i know my ability that i cant do well in the final exams... n now... i just have to pray to Allah to help me to just pass this paper... dun it sound stupid if i have to repeat my language subject.. haih... plz ustazah.. u have to pass me.. if not.. it will be the biggest humiliation in my life... really afraid to sit for my paper tmrw.. by mean today la kan... cz its ody 13th nov...

i wrote sumthing for u... i have text it to u but just gatal2 wanna published it here..
but it is a bit different from what i have text to you earlier..

i miss ur smile..
i miss ur hugs..
i miss ur kisses...
i miss ur eyes..

i miss ur hand that always holds mine..
i miss ur tears that makes me cry...
i miss ur laugther that brighten my days..
i miss sitting by ur side cz that is the best thing that had happen..
i miss walking around with u cz that is the time when if feel so safe...
i miss talking to u cz ur r the best listener that i have ever had..

above all...
i just miss u so much...
so much untill even me cant handle it...
i really cant wait to see u.. really mish u now..

November 10, 2008


tdy i've been browsing the internet to get the info about SIPADAN ISLAND and SINGAPORE...
haih... so many things to do la..
nt la mase cuti br settle kn all those things...
now i really have to focus on my study and my final exams...
but still.. i do have time for my blog...hahaha...

hey kamu...
sorry bout last nite... i really didnt mean to hurt u so..
i didnt mean to said all those things.. i tot i will be a joke to both of us...
but... i did make a mistake.. haih..
sorry dear......

i still have 4 MORE PAPERS to go...
dem la...
im so f**king tired to study...
but i have to study too.....
hey friends... please give me some strength to study la...

i really miss ipoh...
i miss my mum..
i miss my sis...
i miss my bro...
i miss you...
i miss hanging out in my mum's room with my siblings...
i miss JUSCO ipoh...
i miss cika n dyana..
i miss my kelisa...
miss all thing la....

anyway...everyone is invited to my CONVOCATION....
present in not a must... but it will be accepted... hahaha..
i just want all of my friends to be there for me..
really need u guys to be there..

November 7, 2008


erm.... where to start... there are 4 more papers to go.. and all of them is the most killer paper that i will have to seat for this sem.. i really have to study really hard from now on... haih...  enough about my final... BORING...!!!!

i will be here in Segamat for about another 10 more f**king days... dem la... i really wanna be either in KL or in IPOH.. haih... really mish IPOH a lot... i've been msging with my bestfren SHAZILL... he has been asking me to help him with his final project... haih... Cika... ko igt kwn ko nie blh ke belakon... we will see either i have the talent to be an actress or not.. if i dun have the talent.. it will be the biggest mistake that Cika has ever made.. hahaha... rosak la project ko.. hekhek....

hahaha.. since the last two days... i have been making egg sandwiches for my roommates... hahaha... and now.. we r out of eggs supplies.. n if someone in Segamat wanna go to the Segamat City.. please help us to buy some eggs k.. hahaha.. cz we will get really hungry at 10pm onwards.. hahaha.. n seriously... after this if anyone in this room fart... haih... the smell will be really nice.. hahaha... bau telur kot 1 bilik nie... dah la 5 orang.. mmg terbaik la.. hahaha...

haaa.... zurry have join me in the club of 'JATUH TOILET'... hahaha... die jatuh td masa berebut2 nk g toilet dgn ateen.. haih... but thats what happen here in Segamat when all of us get really really 'SENGAL'.... n we r searching for KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI  cd cz we  really miss to see that film... tp sgt la susah kn nk cari.. tue la... bile kita cari that thing.. mmg la susah nk jumpe kan.. tp bile tk cari.. bende tue ade je kn kt dpn mata.. hahaha..

enough enough... nk pegi mandi... da~~

November 3, 2008

i have a paper tmrw...!!!

ill be sitting my QMT 429 paper by tmrw.. dem la... haih... hope that i can do the best for this paper.. cz im hoping n my only hope is for this paper.. haih.. i have been stdying like hell today.. i dunno why but i have this spirit to stdy.. i hope that this spirit wll last till 17th novembe cz that is the date of my last final paper for this semester.. haih... dah nk abeh part 4 da.. i tot i br je sampai segamat nie kot... tibe2 je dah nk abeh sem da...
ill be graduating on 30th nov... n people... plz remember that k.. i need present plz... haahaha.. kinding.. i just need my friend, family and u to be there.. really need them to celebrate it with me.. i hve listed the people that have n 'WAJIB' datang to my convo.. hahaha... present is the 2nd thing... i just need u guys to be there.. and that is more than enough for me... just need korang utk kecoh2kn keadaan jew.. hahaha.. jahat gile kot.... n im hoping that my school friends will wait for me to come back to ipoh to celebrate my convocation..hahaha.. not only my school friend but also my uitm n subang friend also.. haih... sume org kene sambut my convo since im the adik in the group.. hahaha.. enough enough... i have to get some sleep since i have to do some stdy lg...haih...

Damage - Forever

I'll be loving you forever
Deep inside my heart you'll leave me never
Even if you took my heart and tore it apart
I would love you still forever

You are the sun, you are my light
And you're the last thing on my mind
Before I go to sleep at night
You're always 'round when I'm in need
When trouble's on my mind
You put my soul at ease

There is no one in this world
Who can love me like you do
So many reasons that I
Want to spend forever with you

We've had our fun, and we've made mistakes
But who'd have guessed along that road
We'd learn to give and take
It's so much more than I could have dreamed
You make loving you
So easy for me

There is no one in this world
Who can love me like you do
That is the reason that I
Want to share forever with you

Coz this is a world
Where lovers often go astray
But if we love each other
We won't go, won't go that way
So put your doubts aside
Do what it takes to make it right
Coz I'll love you forever
No one can tear us apart

I'll be loving you forever
Deep inside my heart you'll leave me never
Even if you took my heart and tore it apart
I would love you still forever

I just want you to know that I can't eat, I can't sleep
I can't breathe, whenever i'm without you
When we walk, I stand tall
When we talk, I only talk about you girl

November 1, 2008


i feel









- dem... i miss u so much... i dun hv the mood to study now.. really need u so much... really really need u... hate this...

October 31, 2008

untitled post

my eye is getting better n better... skunk da xmerah da pn.. alhamdullilah.... hopefully it will stay like that la... hahaha... td br lepas 1 of my paper... dah lepas gak la 1 azab even tough it is jus my CTU paper... at least i feel a bit relieve.. haih... i have my BEL paper on saturday n QMT paper on tuesday... haih... more paper r coming up after this.. i really have to focus n focus n focus... no more play-play la elly.... haih... just after my paper td.. we all pegi check all the carry marks n i feel so dem sucks la kan... all the carrymarks sgt la x memberangsangkn.. haih.. how to get 3pointer pn xtau la... i really have to work extra n mean really EXTRA la... u can do it elly... what i really need now is the support from my family n friends... haih... now i wish i was in Ipoh.. blh la blk2 umah kn... haih... byk sgt mengeluhnye pn...

-nothing else to write. but i do really mish u much... really.....

October 28, 2008

Afgan - Terima Kasih Cinta

Tersadar didalam sepiku
Setelah jauh melangkah
Cahaya kasihmu menuntunku
Kembali dalam dekap tanganmu

Terima kasih cinta untuk segalanya
Kau berikan lagi kesempatan itu
Tak akan terulang lagi
Semuaa kesalahanku yang pernah menyakitimu

Tanpamu tiada berarti
Tak mampu lagi berdiri
Cahaya kasihmu menuntunku
Kembali dalam dekapan tanganmu

- i've heard this song for some time now... i've been singing this song like evrydy... n i feel like this song i really dedicated for you from me... i really mean it.. thank you for giving me this chance... thank you so much...

the worst thing that can happen....

thing jus cant get any worst aite.. sy sakit mata...!!!! nk final kot... shit la.... hope i will get better soon... td dah g clinic... n dah dpt ubat... hope will get bttr before my first paper..

the first final in Segamat...

it is my first time sitting for my final exam here in segamat... n things just cant get any worst than having this 'period' n the eye thing... when i woke up this morning in found out that my eye dah bengkak n sgt la merah... s**t....!!! i nk final kot... i sgt la memerlukan mata ini utk blajar dgn lebih senang n tenang.. n now i really not in a good mood utk stdy.. smlm da sgt la besemangat suh org kejutkn utk i stdy pg nie... ish... wat a day... but i have to be strong aite.. haih...
owh... for the past few day i have been the happiest person on planet earth... even tough for a moment... i feel a bit belonging... tq cz u have made me the most happiest person now... haih...
now i gave to stdy for my final... hey people... plz dont interrupt me k... i need my space n time now.... da~~

October 20, 2008

kenduri wing 3c SMK

- we had some mkn2 at our wing...kinda like party wing some pic of that event...evryone is jus wearing bj tdo cz kitog jus buat dkt bilek wing capt je..hekhek...

October 14, 2008

all about Segamat

its been a while since i've been blogging bout things that really happen in my life now... here in segamat... this weekend i maybe will in KL cz my dad will be having my lil bro's birthday party.. but im still thinking of it.. even tough i hve bought the ticket for me to go bck.. before going bck to my home in KL... i still have some tings to settle first...
have u think about giving up life..?? i hve... bu not to the stage of killing myself.. but i have been thinking bout quiting everything now... but i cant... cz this is what i drean of.. n this is what i wanted... n im the want who want to wait for u aite..?? so this is all my own fault if anything does happen in the future.. i cant blame anyone if that shit really happen... i have to accept it no matter what it is... i have a dream of continuing my study on Dublin business school... i really want to my ACCA there.. but i cant afford it... maybe my mum n dad can afford it.. but i will have to think i still have 1 lil bro n 1 lil sis... even tough we r from different mom.. but they are still my adik aite..?? im thinking of applying a scholarship.. but its not that easy aite...
i have so many test between this three weeks.. that is until next week.. i really still cant believe that degree will be this hard.. they have said to me that degree will be so much different from my diploma.. but i never thought that it will be this hard.. but as i say.. i have to face it.. this is what i have choose in my life.. i really need support from everyone now... especially u.. i really need u now...
-i really mish my Perak's friends.... *laila,nani,shaker,apip,touk,sleazy,naz,cot,erfan,lan.....everyone la....

October 13, 2008


gurls day zurry azy nisa ateen aisy....mkn2 at mcd n shopping at billion segamat...hahaha....

October 8, 2008

untitled post

i have called my papa n sis...n we decided i mean me n my sis decided that we'll meet in KL by next week..and week we will be celebrating my lil bro birthday...haih bdk kecik yg still cant speak malay...susah betul...whenever we want to talk to him..we'll have to talk in english.. i know that it is good for him.. but takde la sampai tak blh ckp melayu terus kan... i know that he understands what we said to him..but dia saje je buat2 tk paham...haha...
here...i wanna say congrats to my bro cz u have found a job...!! yea~~~... know u can send me more money la abg... hahaha... he has been hunting for job for quite a while... kesian la die.. hahaha...
erm...raya for me has come to an end even tough it on been a week... im full n jam with assigment, test and work to be done...haih.... penat la...xpe... the sacrifices... i have to work so dem hard now cz the final is only in 3weeks time...can u believe that... its almost final la.... rasa mcm br je smpai Segamat nie... tau2 dah nk final dah pn....haih... byk btl la kau nie mengeluh kn....
if only u were here...n naem...u better dapatkn masscom dkt melaka...n u will be sgt la dekat that i will have a friend that i can depend on..hahaha...
btw duit raya is still not enough for me to buy the new phone la...plz bank in k...really need it..hahaha...
erm..the draft exam table dah goes mine...!!!
  • 30/10/2008 - CTU 553
  • 1/11/2008 - BEL 462
  • 4/11/2008 - QMT 429
  • 11/11/2008 - PSA 420
  • 13/11/2008 - BAB 401
  • 15/11/2008 - FAR 400 <- paper yang akan membunuhku...!!!
  • 17/11/2008 - MAF 410
there will be four days of study days before the final starts...gladly sy mmg tkde class on friday n my paper will only starts on the 2nd day of final weeks...haih...FINAL....!!!!!!!!


October 7, 2008

elly yg sengal..!!!


-apabila tgn ini tlh tergatal browsing bende2 yg xpatut...inilah yg tlh berlaku... sy tlh jatuh hati pada dua phone yg sgt la chumel ini...haih...abg ade ckp nk 1 of my chance la beli phone br kn..but...if nk beli phone br...erm...kenela cancel my bday party for next elly... pk pk....

busy busy busy...!!!

br je blk dr class....

minggu ni ade 2 test...

minggu dpn ade 2 test lg...

sabtu nie ade open house...

hati nk blk KL...

tp bz...

and ade test mlm khamis..

so kene blk jumaat pg if nk blk KL la kn...

hati mmg nk blk...

tp keadaan tak mengizinkn....

tp taktau lg mcm mane la kn....


October 6, 2008

1st set of raya picha

will post other pic later....

buka puasa siblings... - had a our own time of buka puasa...hikhik..abg mkn sgt la byk...hahaha...