September 28, 2008


im in ipoh now... i dunno why i takes me kinda sum day to update my blog.. maybe in not in the mood of updating my blog...haih... everything is a mess now... i wish i can turn back time.. the only day dat i wanna go back is to 18 May... haih.. but i cant turn back time.. what i can do now is just wait for the time to come.. or wait till i can really move the mountain... i no sorries just cannot do it... haih... enough of this emo side of me.. cz i am kinda happy today... happy happy happy... thanks for ur time... wish i could have more time... hukhuk...
i still havent done my shopping yet.. n actly... i dun think that i have the mood for my shopping now.. but my bro promise me that he will take me to buy some stuff tmrw.. but that will depend on my mood too.. haih elly.. u really have change la... and that is what all of frens have said to me... owh... on monday maybe ill have a date with my schoolmate... with isma dyana n cika.. hey guys. thanks.. korang adalah kawan yg terbaik...!!!just cant imagine how me... without korang la kan... hahaha...
ill be going back to my kampung on tuesday morning i guess.. i have colored my hair... they said that it looks ok... but i still feel that mcm biase je.. haha.. as long as 'U' said that it was ok.. so i will assume that it is ok la.. hahaha.. wateva... enough of blogging... da~~~

September 23, 2008

heart & soul

now... both of my heart & soul are not here... i want to be at home.. haih.. rasa mcm nk je ponteng class on thursday and go back home on wednesday... tapi.. dah beli tiket kot for this thursday... dah la tiket raya sgt la mahal.. hukhuk.... bestnyer kalau kt rumah.. i hvnt done my shopping yet but i noe dat my sis is waiting for me...hehe... akak mane blh shopping kalau takde elly...!!!! haha..perasan gile.. but i noe dat i mish home so much.. mish my mum, my sis n even my sicko bro... haih..kami biasanyer g shopping bertiga... hope abg n akak tnggu me...!!! haih..i still mish ipoh even tough ipoh is not as fun as it was before.. kalau terjumpe cmne..?? i will have to be the pretender again.. like what im doing rite now.. im good at dis.. haih... wat a luck... its ok.. positive thinking elly.. u still hv ur besties and family there... dyana cika... korang kene teman aku...!!! n guys.. i've heard that we r all going to gathered at Isma's house.. is that true... n Hanum has confirmed that she will meet us there too... erm.. about dyana's bestfriend... haha.. i reserved my cmnt..  since the second week of fasting... my mum has been going out with her sister for some shopping.. whenever  i called her..she will said that "mama br lepas amek mak uda n mak yang...nk g GM jp..tgk bj.." aik mama..takkan evryweek tgk bj kot..nie yg wt elly sgt2 la jeleous... ahaaha.. time2 mcm la dtg penyesalan dpt segamat nie... but... study here in Segamat.. makes me feel how they feel.. how we feel when we r agak jauh dr our family... haih.. for the 1st time i feel so dem excited to go back home for raya... my mum told me that she has changed everything.. curtain, sofa, carpet.. haha..cant wait to go back home la.. mish home so dem much... and my sis is complaining bout everything... sure la kan.. she has to do everything all alone.. hukhuk.. sorry akak.. adkmu ini pergi menuntut ilmu.. n.. pasangkan ek cadar br saya tue.. huhu..ok lah..enough mumbling bout the raya thing.. k.. da~~


with this depression... i've been hearing several songs that will make me more depress..

  • Usher - Moving Mountains
  • Tangga - Cinta Berbatas Keadaan
  • Tangga - Cinta Begini
  • D'masiv - Cinta Ini Membunuhku
  • Kertas - Kekasih Yang Tak Dianggap
  • Yuna - Dan Sebenarnya
  • Tahta - Aku Masih Disini
  • Trey Songz - Missing You
  • Elliot Yamin - Wait For You
  • Hujan - Ku Mahu Kau Tahu
  • The Rain - Dengar Bisikku
  • Bunga Citra Lestari - Aku Tak Mahu Sendiri
  • D'masiv - Di antara Kalian
  • Aizat - Hanya Kau Yang Mampu
  • Farish - HAruskah Di uji
  • Loena Lewis - Bleeding Love
  • Edwin McCain - I'll Be
  • Marcell - Jangan Pernah Berubah
and also several other song by most jazz indonesian band...

untitled post

 - i dun hv any title for my post now... im totally lost.. beyond what i had predicted.. i have to find my self back..  n have to do it quick... if not i will be totally lost for the rest of my sem... n dis sem is only a month away to go... elly... u hv to pick up urself where u lost it yesterday... 
 - several things had happen... last saturday i took my FAR test... didnt get enough sleep the nite before... n other nite before that... have make lost everything... i feel so dem sleppy while taking the test.. n i decided that... hantar jela... wateva happen... all of it is my fault... i've been thinking of u all nite long.. did even think to study or even sleep..
 - my brain is suffering cz i've been  thinking bout so many things now.. thinking of u... thinking of my study.. and i've been thinking bout.. how my life will turn out... 
 - i've been hearing several songs that are directly dedicated to me... but this really me...

Now, now she loved me, shawty I loved her 
Used to jump up in the maybach and roll out 
Used to care, she used to share 
The love that she used to give me can't be found 
I lost my way, she said she'd stay 
And lately I've been sleeping with a ghost 
My stock is down and out, I used to be worth my weight in gold 
That was before a great depression kicked in and rocked us 
And that was before the hurricane came in and stopped us 
I told you to leave, but you lied to me 
When you said that, "baby no worries I promise to get us back". 

I know sorries, just wouldn't do it 
Her heart is obliterated, I'm trying to travel through 
But it's like moving mountains..
It's like moving mountains... 
But I keep climbing and hoping things would change 
And the sky turns gray, and the water from the rain washes progress away. 
It's like moving mountains... 
It's like moving mountains... 
Why you just leave me? 
Just leave me be. 
Just leave me. 
Just leave me be. 
Why you just leave me 
just leave me be. 
Why you just leave me 
just leave me be, ooh. 

She, she don't touch me, I don't touch her 
We rarely even ever say a word. 
I really want to give her everything she deserves 
But the bad took away the good. 
She thinks that I'm full of it, arguments, always pissed, man I'm tired 
Every kiss that i miss, girl you know I'm trying. 
You never believe when I say, and I never believe it when you say 
I love you, and I shouldn't complain about it 
I should take it like a man and walk up out it 
Cause we will never be the same, ooh. 
I've been standing in gas, and you have been the flame. 

September 19, 2008

the dress

apabila kebosanan mulalah melayari internet dan telah terjumpe beberapa gamba tyra yg dress sie sgt la meraik perhatian sy..huhuhu...

Buka Puasa BACCSA

- berbuka puasa bersama kwn baru Segamat..
- im wearing the 'selendang' cz i have my arabic test before that n utk mghormati majlis
- i miss u much..!!!

September 17, 2008

my imagination.....

nie ade sticker2 yg berada di atas katil..yg akan ku lihat sblm indicates sumthg that only me, myself n i noe....

September 16, 2008

with that extra strength that i have that day.. i take a bus to KL.. in my mind.. the maIN reason why i want to go back to KL is to search for my lost soul..  but things are not the way i planned.. arrive in KL around 730.. *receive a message that change my life now*... n sampai Shah Alam around 9.. me, sleazy n dayang was plan to went for movies... but bile kami sampai di jusco bukit tinggi... tiket wayang dah habis ok..!! what a disappointment for us..haha... but its ok la... after the disapointment of tak dpt tgk wayang.. we went to Pak Li cz i havent eat anything yet..maknanye dr buka puasa till around 10 mcm tue.. still tak makan ape2 for my buka puasa... n naz was there to.. he has prove to us that he has forgotten about the 'object'...huhuhu...gud proud of you....

woke around 10...sleepover dayang's room... tq Dayangku Nuraini..huhuhu...n masalahnya.. dayang ade class petang tue.. so i have to follow sleazy to class cz that is the only solution that they have for me at that i pn tlh menjadi seorg yg sgt suka main nyorok... i hide under naz's table... nasib baik la lec tue x tak pusing2 smpai blkg kn..hahaha... online using dayang's laptop.. tq dayang... again.. she has been a helping hand... ym with several people... n after the finish up their calss.. had a little discussion about where we want to break our fast... at 1st.. we wanted to eat at Williams... but the plan change.. we just went to bazar ramadhan at the Shah Alam's stadium n we break fast in the studio... lepak at the studio till around 9.. n after that lepak AGAIN at Pak Li..hahahh.. kalau dah dekat UiTM Shah Alam tue.. mmg tak sah kalau tak pegi Pak Li everyday..huhuhu... and what happen after that..lets just keep it to myself.. ok..!!

i will skip the morning story.. took my shower around 3pm.. haha.. teruk gle...wait for sleazy to pick us up until around 615pm mcm tue la.. we went to RBS for our break fast.. after that we went to Jusco Bukit Raja..we went ther to catch a movie.. after a while... we decided to watch 'Babylon AD'...after the movie we went straight back to UiTM.. lgpn tmrw morning my bus awl gak bus pukul 1 kot...huhu.. *im patiently waiting for u to txt me up...sob sob*...

woke up around 10..bla bla bla...sleazy hanta i kt komuter n.... bla bla bla.. n smpai segamat around 330pm mcm tue... *still waiting for u to txt me up*

n now... im in Segamat..blogging in my room...will blog again...

p/s : mish u much

September 11, 2008

the promises

today a have made a promises to all of my friends and also my adik...i will be a loneranger by mean..i will live my single life for the coming 6months...i hope i can do it...actly.... i mmg xpenah single... i will always have a men by my side.. its not that i wanted it to be this way... but this situation happen... and i dun have the answer if u ask me why.. but now.. i will try to be single gurl.. n i really really need my friends to be with me.. hey guys + gurls... i really need u all to support me... n i really need u guys now... n really mean it....the motto of my life now is 'ELLY BOLEH HIDUP TANPA LELAKI'..!!!!!!!!!

i really hope that i can do it....really...ntah la...give me some support guys.....

aku bukan untukmu

Dahulu kau mencintaiku 
Dahulu kau menginginkanku 
Meskipun tak pernah ada jawabku 
Tak berniat kau tinggalkan aku 
Sekarang kau pergi menjauh 
Sekarang kau tinggalkan aku 
Disaat ku mulai mengharapkanmu 
Dan kumohon maafkan aku 
Aku menyesal tlah membuatmu menangis 
Dan biarkan memilih yang lain

Tapi jangan pernah kau dustai takdirmu 
Pasti itu terbaik untukmu 
Janganlah lagi kau mengingatku kembali 
Aku bukanlah untukmu 

Meski ku memohon dan meminta hatimu 
Jangan pernah tinggalkan dirinya 
Untuk diriku 
Sekarang kau pergi menjauh 
Sekarang kau tinggalkan aku 
Disaat ku mulai mengharapkanmu 
Dan kumohon maafkan aku 

September 10, 2008


MISSING the word that has two meanings... either im missing someone or someone is missing... but i suffer both.. its hard for me to take it... but i have too... maybe this is the pain that u feel when i ignored u all this while... but time cant never be turn back... i have made my mistake.. not once but twice... i just havent learn from my mistake... i have to be strong now.. and i know that u are trying to be strong too... i will wait for him to get back.. i will... i never wait like this.. but i will try... just like what i have done yesterday... waiting is a pain.. but i will wait for u... till the day..............

September 7, 2008

kamus dewan bahasa dan pustaka

Curang : tidak lurus hati, tidak jujur, khianat
Hipokrit : org yg memperlihatkan keadaan diri yg berlainan drpd yg sebenarnya
Berubah : bertukar drpd keadaan semula, berganti atau beralih menjadi lain
Penipu : org yg menipu
Menipu : mengenakan tipu daya, memperdaya
Tipu :perbuatan atau perkataan yg tidak jujur utk mengakali atau utk menyesatkan orang, 
tipu muslihat utk mncapai kemenangan 
Jujur : ikhlas, tulus, rela, taat, setia, patuh, terus terang

------so which 1 are u..??------

September 5, 2008

Segamat - Ipoh

im in ipoh...n im so dem HAPPY....!!! saya sgt la happy berbuka puasa di last i dpt mkn murtabak bulat, karamel n ikan terubuk bakar yg my mum masak....hukhuk...sgt la sedap berbuka dgn makanan2 ipoh..hahaha..

n now im thinking of going back to ipoh for raya by is more convenient...since the bus mcm sgt menyusahkn...hukhuk..

p/s: tak tulis byk cz the pc that im using nw...keyboard sgt la tk best..haha..daa~~

September 3, 2008

kenangan berpuasa di UiTM Sri Iskandar

wlpn puasa br masuk hari berbuka puasa di perak..da mula di is some picha that remind me of 'perak & fasting month'...  

September 2, 2008

untitled post

its been so long since i hv a serious talk bout things that really bother me rite nw...i know that talk with another person cant solve the problem in hand..but atleast...i feel a bit relieve..tq cz u hv been a good friend even tough i hv been a bit rough on u..i still hv to think bout all this..opinion will still be an opinion..i just have to think deeply wether the opinion can be consider or not..
failing is something that really can bring people down..i feel so damn can i can i let that happen...its not other people fault..but it is my fault..i hv to face it..i hope that i can recover my self soon..the sooner the better..there are so many thing that i have to face in this few i cant let this failure drag me into something that i dont want...elly...!! u can do it..BACC TAK SUSAH..!!