September 16, 2010


tibe-tibe rasa sakit sangat...

nape ek???

September 7, 2010


I feel so...............




to conclude all that...i feel like crying now...rite at this moment...maybe i need to let go this feelings for more more us...sorry but im blocking u...i hv to get rid of u...maybe i should take the fell in love doing this for ur own good...n for me too...shit! there goes the crystal water..thx again!

September 3, 2010

2 weeks challenge!

im IPOH already!!!


super excited to be in Ipoh already!

cant wait for raya even tho i'll be celebrating raya only with my mum this bro gonna celebrate raya working AGAIN this year.. n my sister gonna celebrate raya at her in law house..but she said she's gonna be in Teluk Intan by 1st syawal...haih..boring~

owh..i've accepted the 2 weeks challenge..hope that i can do it! u can elly!!! owh..after stalking A page..i think it is time for me to move on..i shudnt feel guilty whenever im goin out with R since im actually single...why dun i realize that im single??? yup...what all my friends have been telling me all this while is damn true..but i dunno y.. y must i feel guilty whenever that im going out with R.. get over him elly...he dun worth any of ur tears...

*still thinking on how to go thru this 2 weeks challenge*

September 2, 2010


It has been 4 weeks since we last talk nicely..I don't realize that!
Hope ur happy with this..hope they are happy with this..

Nw I'm just hoping the best for me.. Hopefully...