November 6, 2010

Bad Joke ELLY!

i need to keep my mouth shut or think more carefully and a bit detail before i spill out things that im about to say... or i will end up making a bad joke... ur sucks elly!

so many things happen in my life recently so 1 by 1 k!

1. it is final season people! sgt tense ok...everyday i can feel the tense in the air! OMG! dah la final sgt nk kn result yg sgt study la mcm org gila..but end up final still hampeh! so bttr study biase2 3 papers down and 2 more to go! so audit and accounting system<>

2. im so on gossip girl fever! haha...every monday night i'll be like so superly excited to download new episode.. and every thursday or friday i'll be like youtube-ing to search for the preview for next episode.. so on next episode...chuck will be f**king handsome! cute! all compliment will go to chuck! u go boy/man!!!

3. ok! im on the love planet.. yes i know where this love signs origin from but i dunno why do i feel so...flying! yup! totally in love and my every second is devoted to him! but i have to keep myself in fantasy elly! (quoted from him) and the upmost important thing now is to keep myself if not..i'll be bugging him with my 'mengada' n sarcastic act.. pity him have to layan this so calld little girl! hihi... but i always end up hurting.. i really REALLY dont meant what ive said earlier but i cant take back my stupid words right?? all i can say now is sorry... and im not proud of is not something to be proud of.. im never proud for who i am..

4. im on speed date! (or quick date?) every single day without miss! unless he has somethings up or he has a paper tmrw, we will be having our so call speed date..nie sume jd bile die melyn perangai aku yg nk jumpe everyday even for 5mins! hihi..thx syg.. and bjy and bhr has really help us for this..hihihi..

5. so many plans ahead! i have my endau rompin trip, my siblings reception, my agrotek trip with BR, and last but not least the event that me n my hsemate has been waiting for, our BALI trip! cant wait for all trip! yeay! pokai pokai!!!! hahaha..

ps: not everybody know who is him and i like to keep it this way.. for now at least... Love u RS!

October 31, 2010


i will try to make this one turn out to be the greatest among all..

no more selfish and self-centered elly..

October 21, 2010

unsorted mind!

i have been expressing myself in twitter lately and lupa that i have a blog...mmg ade rs nk tulis blog but malas cause i know i will have to write a long entry cz name pn blog kn..not like twitter... i can express what am i feeling at that particular moment...

i has been such a depressing week for me...1st since final is just around the corner..lg brape hari je da nk start my 1st ntah ke mane2 ntah...2nd cz ive been been through a rough weekend...shundt have done that...but things happen..hate myself cause of that....

but now...i have another unsorted mind..why do i feel that things have not turn to be as it was before...i do feel like he's been avoiding it?? or is it just me that feels that way..are we back to normal or are we there any wall or space since that incident?? urgh! i hate this feelings...

September 16, 2010


tibe-tibe rasa sakit sangat...

nape ek???

September 7, 2010


I feel so...............




to conclude all that...i feel like crying now...rite at this moment...maybe i need to let go this feelings for more more us...sorry but im blocking u...i hv to get rid of u...maybe i should take the fell in love doing this for ur own good...n for me too...shit! there goes the crystal water..thx again!

September 3, 2010

2 weeks challenge!

im IPOH already!!!


super excited to be in Ipoh already!

cant wait for raya even tho i'll be celebrating raya only with my mum this bro gonna celebrate raya working AGAIN this year.. n my sister gonna celebrate raya at her in law house..but she said she's gonna be in Teluk Intan by 1st syawal...haih..boring~

owh..i've accepted the 2 weeks challenge..hope that i can do it! u can elly!!! owh..after stalking A page..i think it is time for me to move on..i shudnt feel guilty whenever im goin out with R since im actually single...why dun i realize that im single??? yup...what all my friends have been telling me all this while is damn true..but i dunno y.. y must i feel guilty whenever that im going out with R.. get over him elly...he dun worth any of ur tears...

*still thinking on how to go thru this 2 weeks challenge*

September 2, 2010


It has been 4 weeks since we last talk nicely..I don't realize that!
Hope ur happy with this..hope they are happy with this..

Nw I'm just hoping the best for me.. Hopefully...

August 29, 2010


watching KAMI just now make me miss going to gigs..owh lame nyer xpegi...haiha...this couple of months, since i start my practical... gigs is no longer in my list...i've move to a more relax event..jazz bar....showcase....xde la pack sgt mcm gigs kn..but i really miss going to gigs tho...

yesterday's test was ok la...blh la least i wrote smthg rather than just an empty answer script...hahahha..owh..btw guys...tmrw night pls watch 8tv..mane la tau nmpk muka they gonna show the FT showcase..the one in i miss staying in kl lak...miss how i can jus fling around to showcases, show, jazz bars...owh....bestnyer......

August 26, 2010

fly away

what if i try to make u hate me?? will that works??

the easiest way to make u really leave is through hate right...

i don't want u to depart...but sooner or later..i will have to let u fly away...

so before u say goodbye..maybe it's better for me leave first..

goodbye is just another mean word for me..sorry...

August 25, 2010

Go Away!

at first i tot this new life of mine gonna make any different..but this situation even hurt me deeper n deeper..i cant take this anymore..need to stop think bout u...need to stop texting need to stop looking at ur page...need to stop everything about u..

please go..or im gonna hurt even worst...u just gonna make me cry again...

August 19, 2010

almost FRIDAY!

its almost friday n im super happy...eventough it is actually kinda waste of still happy to back home..IPOH!!! heeee...dpt gak berbuka puasa ngn mama eventho sehari least dpt gak blk ipoh..miss my bed already!!!

tdy 1 class was dpt la tdo ptg kejap...n for next gonna be busy like many test...and i think there is also assgmnt that has to be submit by next wekk..ntah la..xigt pn..hahahah happy to see u my days are flooded with stupid break-up songs..hahaha...chao..ttyl!


August 18, 2010


today i only have 2 class...2-4 & 4-6...
caught sleeping in my 2-4 class...just perfect...luckily my lecturer understands!
urm..and wud a boring and lemau night for me not productive...didnt help my housemates to finish up our assignment...sorry lemau tdy....nobody text me up or even via instant messages! OMG! my nite is just so perfect! BORING~

p/s : manage to reduce my craving to im getting better i guess...hopefully!


August 16, 2010

The Wreckers - Leave The Pieces


hey there..
im blogging regularly wud happen today...
have classes from 8 till 4...had some controversy happen in the 8-10 class...
urm..10-12 class... my lecturer reschedule the test from 24th to 23rd august which is one day earlier...
and the 2-4 usual we love the lecturer even tho he has the attitude that...not so..good..hahahha...

so about the test...haih the problem is that im goin back to ipoh this weekend and for sure im gonna be back here in segamat by sunday and the test is on monday...wth!! will i have the time to study..blk ipoh kot..nk kene shopping raya! hhihihi...



im having a tot of becoming a regular blogger again...but im not sure whether i'll have the time to blog as regular as i use to be...but since there was no more maybe i will have the time.. was tough for me..n this sem...i guess..maybe all paper will kill me gonna die!! die die die elly!!

August 11, 2010

Happy Ramadhan!!!

it has been quite sometime...i dunno why i dun blog anymore... n i dunno y i blog again today..ok...tdy is 1st day of ramadhan..a month full of cherish-able benefit...hope that i can go through this month happily in Segamat...

May 24, 2010

FRIEND.. to love or to hate?

hey there....
sometime we cant satisfied every each details of what our heart screams rite...
we also cant satisfied others too...
before we even start to point our lil fingers to other..
it is better for us to check ourself first..what went wrong??
hello...i cant be torn into 2 ok??
maybe i dont have enough time to satisfied every single details that u want me too...
kadang2 kn...aku pelik..nape ko xleh nk call aku...then ko expect aku call ko..ajak ko kuar n everythg...
ape slhnyer kalau ko call or msg aku dl?? ape slh aku dah wt kt ko yg smpai ko dah xblh nk call aku?
then ko expect aku sanjung ko abeh tinggi sgt..g jumpe ko slalu..mcm tue?? hello!! fb ade..ko xpenah lk nk PM aku kt fb ke ape kn??
then ko blh ckp ape..aku lupekn ko la..aku xigt kwn la..wud is that..
wud hv u done lately mcm kite nie br kenal for few weeks je kn..we hv knwn each other for years la!


seriously i cant satisfied evryone..aku ade gak kwn2 lain..aku ade gak family...
bg la aku ruang n mase utk aku separate kn ms aku utk sume org..
and plz dun put up all the statement without even thinking bout the consequences..

May 20, 2010

bali bali bali

instead of cracking my head over hotel that i should book for our bali trip..urgh..wanna plan the best trip for the gurls...since this gonna be our last vacation anyone that heve been to bali..plz let me know the best and cheapest hotel in bali..near the beach..and also safe..since we are all girls!

May 6, 2010

2nd last day..

dgn happy nyer tdy is the 2nd last day aku akn 'menginap' di shah alam nie...sigh...that is the relieve sigh actually...dah boring kot keje kt client yg glad that i've been assigned to go for another job...huhhu...

and the best part for tdy...i found several pic that made me jus wnna kill someone...u r so a dead meat by now...urgh!

May 5, 2010


kalau dah i cant contact u thru FB, call or msg...
aku nk contact ko cmne lg???
i dun hv time to meet social networking jela yg senang..
tp kalau da itu pn susa???
so mcm mane???!!

May 4, 2010


hatiku sekeras batu.

egoku sebesar lautan

conclusion =menangis sendirian


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May 3, 2010


.....just go.....

owh...from now on..all updates will be blog..
no longer in FB hasbeen shutdown...temporarily i guess...da~

once in a blue moon!

it has been so long since i updated my blog...dah lupe pn actually that i have a blog.. i can't blog since i know all my moves has been watched.. i dont blame all the people that has been reporting all can i call 'semak' about my blog bkn private is meant for public is wud my heart screaming pn...

nyway all this while..i have been doin a lot of thgs actually..ape yg akn dicerita kn ini xikut sequence pn..main type je yg mane igt....

1. Karoke(celebrating zurry's bday!) click here to watch the pic!

2. Hot air balloon! (Gamba2!)

4. And lots and LOTS of wedding!

besides all the events... i have been asked to makeup my mind about first i was the one who is superly eager to stdy thre... but after thought of goin there have changed...not that i dun wanna go...but i want to stay is for REAL...running away from all this thingy is just gonna make me feel better...kawen jela ngn mat salleh kn...abeh cite...weeee...!!!!

gonna be updating this blog again..LATER!

January 29, 2010



January 22, 2010


first- now everyone has to be extra careful on what they are writing something in their FB...its a public place la wei...of course u have to be extra careful...

second- now work is like hell i many things to now is the peak period for the auditor i guess...whatever la i care...still have to do all my work whether i like it or not...but im loving it i guess....maybe im good at working under pressure...but im not sure people around me will like or now i will not be having that much time as before to spend with more shisha n lepakin i guess...but can je kot...i can segregate my time for time..just make a date with me k??

third- u know what i hate the most...people making promises n not sticking with it...dont bother to make proomise if u cant keep la..i dont mind if it is just words...but promise...u better know how to keep it if ur making promise with me....


January 17, 2010

after 2 month!

it has been around 2 month since i kinda like stop blogging...things have been so hectic and busy...the new semester in UiTM has just open up for a new season...and for us the 7th semester student of Uitm Segamat BACC student...this new semester means...WORKING! n working life n not so cool for everyone i guess...

but my working experience...i can say kinda cool...maybe im lucky to ha a senior that take care of me a lot..n also maybe i have a supervisor that is no so fussy i can say...huhuh...but cant tell much cz its on a month! anything can happen in the next 5months..hihihi...just have to wait n see....but working at a trainee kinda cool...ill suggest GT to my junior i guess???

time has passed by n it has been 4 months..such month has gone n so many things has happen..but i handle it with care n without hurting anyone i guess...i can satisfied evry single heart i guess...evryone keep on saying that i have think of wud my heart is screaming...but i dunno...wud im doin now is satisfying every single heart...evryone that is important in mylife...eventough in know that i will die for this one day...

surprisingly...i can say that i miss segamat...miss the hangout that we always have...miss the class n not goin back to home late...haih..n maybe i miss burger segamat! hahahahha...after this just another 5 month working n 4month n then..bye degree...insyaallah...haih...worried!

will post as much as i can after this... da~

January 16, 2010


will be updating this blog with bunch of new stories!

plz wait k!