September 30, 2011


Dikala post ini sdg direka, aku br sedar yg lg 10hari kami bakal mnyambut ulangtahun perkenalan kami. I'll be waiting for that moment, to express all my feelings towards him. Aku akn amek masa 10hari utk create post utk ulangtahun yg pertama. Insyaallah.

September 29, 2011

Current Addiction

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.

We're ten thousand miles apart


2nd week here! suddenly today panas! like msia! hahaha..they say it is suppose to be like this..mmg akan ade seminggu panas di musim luruh! they call it 'the indian warm'...something like that they say minggu nie it will be like 25degree it's still ok kot...ngade gile kalau xthn..hihihi...dah puas da seminggu sejuk so ok la kalau panas sikit...and the lecturers da start to remind us about the winter..they say it was a bad bad winter last we better prepared ourself for the worst! so kene la beli extra winter cloth and habiskan mase dgn study n assgmnt jela..hopefully..

talking bout class 2hari je skali..tuesday n wednesday...i guess this is master's students life..full with assgmnt n not excitement! akn still try utilize my time to visit nearby places...dgr ade tmpt diorg shoot HP kt Gloucester...its like 20mins dr kene la tgk kan..kalau x rugi la kan?? this coming dec rasenyer mcm nk amek 2 ACCA paper...maybe amek P1 n P3..try la...all base on luck kan?? hahaha...

so...makan ok...kwn ok..maybe kene lebarkan sikit networking...hurmmm..lain2...ok next month da ade proper internet la kot... try la...huhuhu...i miss my mum..that's for sure..kesian mama still struggling nk pakai bb.. communication channel with others pn ok..selamat la skrg nie mcm2 ade..bbm la..whatsapp la..sume mnyenangkan... yg mnyusahkan hanyalah time different...hahaha..mcm skrg! msia kul 3am n kt sini msia bgn nk subuh aku br nk!

enough of me! miss u msia! miss my family, friends, sayang n everyone!

September 23, 2011


this post gonna be like my first post here in Cheltenham n actually i haven't been writing that much..i actually didn't even remember when is the last time i actually post a blog.. so...

1. i've been here for a week and the first thing that im going to talk about is the weather.. it is my first time here and i have to say im still not used to the weather.. gile sejuk kot..i actually an personally think that the autumn here in uk is actually quite similar to winter in aussie..gile sejuk anak msia..mane thn.. n really appriciate when the sun is up! hahaha..mcm org xpenah jumpe matahari..hahaha...

2. im quite surprised that u actually can understand what these people are talking about! i actually doubt myself when i come to understand what they are actually trying to say..but surprisingly...i can! maybe just some of them talk with quite an acsent.. im thankful for that..but when it comes to salesman or promoter, i really need to use 'pardon me'...sumpah kdg2 diorg ckp sgt laju n sgt pekat!

3. im homesick! if only i can bring my family, my friends, my yayang...urghh..everyone! xrindu mknn msia sgt cz i can actually cook msian food but i miss them! dgn rumah xde internet lg..sumpah blh just lucky that most of them ade either bbm ot whatsapp...that helps a lot man! kalau x mmg mati keje nk topup je sbb nk msg yg tersyg! wah!

4. im do think that im actually getting fatter n not skinnier as it should be..this kinda weather makes me wanna eat n munch n eat almost every second! sejuk2 nie la sedap mkn mcm2..hahaha...konon!

gonna update more later bile rumah da ade internet..muahx!